Import From Sketch - Can't Find Destination Folder

So I have my sketch file on my desktop, and I keep running this code in terminal with no luck. Any suggestions?

fuse import --app MyDesign.ux Photo App.sketch

Just trying to get it to auto layout, saves a lot of time. If I can’t get it to do it this way, then I’ll just go the long way around.

I’ve been trying this all day with no luck… I keep getting plain text, and the sketchtool won’t install properly on my system either. I keep runing the shell with no luck. What am I missing?



Check if sketchtool is actually installed by typing sketchtool in a terminal.

I tried that, and it says it’s not installed. But when I run the installer, it looks like it installs but it’s not. Here’s a quick look at that:


Hm, try running the sketchtool installer with sudo prefix

Tried this too…


You need to run sudo in the sketchtool directory you get when you install it. What you tried to do here will not work.