Image Resize Problem iOS

Dear Gurus,

I Appriciate your efforts in Fuse which is very great tools we have ever !. Then, i have faced a problem with Image tools resize in the following Case with iOS only !!

The parameter : performInPlace:false caused the problem and when i remove it the code works fine !

    function(image) {
         var args = { desiredWidth:1280, desiredHeight:720 , mode:ImageTools.KEEP_ASPECT, performInPlace:false};
        ImageTools.resize(image, args).then(
          function(image2) {
           // CameraRoll.publishImage(image);
          function(reason) {
            console.log("Couldn't resize image: " + reason);

      console.log("Couldn't take picture: " + reason);



Hi, and thanks for reporting!

What is the problem? Does the image not resize, does the app crash, or something else happens?

What target do you experience the problem on? Is it iPhone or iPad, and what is the iOS version?

Which Fuse version, and on what OS are you experiencing this?

About Fuse version is : 1.2.1 on MacOS Sierra

The problem is the image not resized, and through exception not supported. The app not crash neither any error more that the exception.

About my device is iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.3.3

Thanks for the details! I’ve reproduced the issue and logged a ticket for it, and you can watch the progress there.