App Keeps Crashing when resizing Image

My app keeps crashing when using ImageTools to resize my image in the following function before I create a base64 out if it. Been stuck on this for awhile. I get a SIGABRT error in Xcode as well. Any help is appreciated!

function capturePhoto() {
		.then(function (photo) {

			var options = {
			    mode: ImageTools.IGNORE_ASPECT,
			    desiredWidth: 320, //The desired width in pixels
			    desiredHeight: 240 //The desired height in pixels

			ImageTools.resize(photo, options)
			    .then(function(newImage) { console.log("Path of resized image is " + newImage.path); });
				.then(function(filePath) {
					console.log("Photo saved to: " + filePath);


					arrayBuff = FileSystem.readBufferFromFileSync(filePath);
					b64data = Base64.encodeBuffer(arrayBuff); // send this to the backend
				.catch(function(error) {
					console.log("Failed to save photo: " + error);
		.catch(function (error) {
			console.log("Failed to capture photo: " + error);

I have the same issue, too.

I will WalkThrough this problem i’m already fixed it on my apps by crafting new way to resize, because this resize method consumes the memory at all