Camera bug (not taking photo of specified size)

Here is the code I am using to allow the user to capture a photo. The value for width.value is 200, and height.value is 200 as well. Trying to capture a square, however, the captured image is 200 width and 150 height if the camera was in landscape mode, and 150 height and 200 width if the camera was in portrait mode.

  Camera.takePicture(width.value, height.value).then(function(file) {
    debug_log("photo taken");
    module.exports.image.value = file;
    module.exports.imageassigned.value = true;
    debug_log("image is assigned should show up now");

Is this is a bug or by design? Please let me know if I need to do something different and get this working?

You can find the explanation in the docs

If the desiredWidth and height parameters are set, returns an Image scaled as close to the specified width/height as possible while maintaining aspect ratio.

If no size parameters are given, the taken image will be full-sized as determined by the device camera.

You can instead use ImageTools to crop the picture to the size you want afterwards.

Thanks Remi. Oops somehow I missed the documentation on this. I’ll use ImageTools to adjust the size of the image.

Btw, so far Fuse has been awesome, thank you all for the amazing work you guys have done!