Image Panel - Not Showing On iOS Preview

I have a stackpanel of images on my homefeed like below:

When I click on the image, I have a panel that becomes visible like below: (Made up of the top opaque box, the image, and the bottom opaque box).

When I do this on my iPhone, however, all that shows up is a black box: My code is the exact same for both the first and second image previews.

If there’s an easier way to build an image preview, I’m all ears. I’m just trying to create an image preview that works with all my images on the homefeed with the x button in the top right.

Fixed this one too! I had to edit the images to make them smaller (I believe that the image sizes were too big for the build and it caused the images to show as a black rectangle. They were over 4000x4000px!)

Hope this helps someone else down the road.