Image is black on devices, but working on Local Preview

Hello and first of all thank you so much for this great software!!! :slight_smile:

When I want to display a picture I do it like so:

<Image File="Assets/Picture.jpg">
        <Scale Factor="0.5" Duration="2" />

On the local preview it is working like it should. But on the preview and build on my iOS Devices iPad and iPhone 5C the image is totally black.

Am I doing something wrong?

Fuse version 0.23.0 (build 7041)


This could be a known bug we are working on, but hard to tell if it is the same bug without a test case. Can you please upload a minimal project that illustrates the problem?


Hey thanks Andreas for the fast answer!!

I created a new project and even for the very simple:


    <Image File="Assets/Test.jpg" />


It is is not working :frowning: So on my devices (Preview+Build) I just see a black box. But I can see that the size is correct because there is a white border left and right to fit the ratio of the picture.


Can you please provide your project + image file? This obviously does not happen when we test the same before every release.

Of course here is the image and the project file. Please tell me if I should do anything else, I would like to help :slight_smile: