Xcode 9 and iPhone X

Xcode 9 is already here and there a couple of things that don’t work properly or could be better.

For example, not sure if it worked in Xcode 8 and this does not work in Xcode 9

"iOS": {
    "SystemCapabilities": {
        "InAppPurchase": true,
        "Push": true

Also, Apple now requires (doc here) you upload a new app store icon from Xcode. If we could add it through [iOS icons] (https://www.fusetools.com/docs-qa/basics/uno-projects#ios-icons) that would be great.

Now, the iPhone X is almost here and we would love some way for us to work with it.
Here is how one of my apps looks in the new iPhone and how apps should look. As you can see it does not take the whole space.

Here is how a blank app currently looks.

Thanks for reporting! I believe we already have tickets for the two issues you mentioned at the top (app store icon and capabilities).

Logged a ticket about the layout rendering on X.

Hi everyone,

I resolve it by add to build/iOS/{BuildType}/{AppName}-Info.plist


For permanent changes edit /usr/local/share/uno/Packages/UnoCore/1.4.3/Targets/iOS/Yoboresto/Yoboresto-Info.plist , and add before </dict>.

#if @(Project.iOS.PList.UILaunchStoryboardName:IsSet)

PS: Sorry for my english i’m french speaker.