How to draw a 1px line?

<Rectangle Fill="#979797" Height="1px" SnapToPixels="true"/>

It doesn’t draw anything on Simulator or iPhone 6+.

Can you provide the surrounding UX code?


<App Theme="Basic">
    <StackPanel ItemSpacing="20">
        <Panel />
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="1px" SnapToPixels="true"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="2px" SnapToPixels="true"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="3px" SnapToPixels="true"/>

        <Panel />
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="1" SnapToPixels="true"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="2" SnapToPixels="true"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="3" SnapToPixels="true"/>

        <Panel />
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="1px"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="2px"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="3px"/>

        <Panel />
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="1"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="2"/>
        <Rectangle Fill="#F00" Height="3"/>

OS X 10.11.3 (15D21), using a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M (MacBook Pro Retina, 15", Early 2013)

Okay, I’ll take a look at what is causing this. It may have to do with how we’re rounding size (we’re supposed to round up to avoid this problem, maybe something changed).

Try updating your Fuse version, as a new one recently came out. I copy and pasted your full app code and i got a total of 9 lines. I then removed everything inside the tags and one placed

<Rectangle Fill="#979797" Height="1px" SnapToPixels="true"/>

which is the snippet you had issues with, and it rendered a rectanlge I assume is 1px. So your issue with nothing rendering at all seems to be an issue with your version