Fuse (beta) release 0.9.1

Fuse 0.9.1 is out!

OS X only: After (or before) installing, please quit Fuse from the OS X menu bar before continuing your work.


This is primarily a bugfixing and stabilising release.

TextInput placeholder

  • TextInput now has PlaceholderText and PlaceholderColor properties, to show descriptive text in these while empty.

MaxWidth/Height change

  • The implied 100% MaxWidth/Height is no longer implied if a corresponding Width/Height parameter is specified. This means that an element with a Width parameter is no longer constrianed to its parent width by default, and a one with a Height parameter is not constraint to the parent height by default. This affects only a small fraction of layouts, resulting in larger elements. If you need the old behaviour on an element just add back in the explicit MaxWidth/Height property:

    <Panel ... MaxWidth="100%" MaxHeight="100%">


Added a FuseJS/HttpClient, this fixes a lot of bugs in XMLHttpRequest and fetch.

Various bugfixes

  • Fixed bugs related to multiple users of Fuse on same machine.
  • Fixed failing iOS export as reported here.
  • Fixed a bug where preview would sometimes get stuck at “Host is loading project”
  • Several minor bugfixes and stability improvements