hmm, security?

> fuse preview -t=iOS
Build started: FullCompile
(2,445.94 ms)
Parsing source code
(1,364.54 ms)
Compiling syntax tree
(2,720.13 ms)

http? No https? That makes me a bit unconfortable :(

Hi Marcelo, thanks for the suggestion!

We’ll make sure to switch to https asap.

Hi, Marcelo!

Thanks for bringing this up. We try to serve most of our content over https as a rule of thumb, but it seems we’re still serving these packages over regular http.

I’ve deployed a change to our internal build infrastructure now that ensures that we’ll use https for these package downloads in the future. This doesn’t affect existing installations of Fuse, though, and will be a gradual transition over to https as our packages gets updated.