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GraphQL Support with Apollo

Would be nice if we can have a more tightly Fuse integrated API to handle GraphQL like http://dev.apollodata.com/
And would also be nice to have a library like https://github.com/fuse-compound/Fuse.Firebase to handle Graphcool https://www.graph.cool/.

+1 I’d be interested in this also…

+1 Same. I would love to be able to integrate with Graphcool. Especially their realtime subscriptions.

Seems like the Apollo team won’t be able to take the lead in build this Fuse Client. But they’re happy to assist however they can.


You guys might be in luck… Seems that Bartekus recently changed his back-end ‘religion’ from Rethink to PostGraphQL.

Check-out his FuseR project on GitHub

Hope this helps

you can connect through it https://github.com/f/graphql.js/ (does not require node js) if you want to subscribe then look at this example https://github.com/f/graphql.js-demo and it all works through graphcool https://www.graph.cool/ sorry my eng =)