Using npm module graphql-request in Fuse

I’m trying to get the npm module graphql-request to work with Fuse. I have an empty app where I do the following:

  1. Run npm init to create a package.json
  2. Run npm install graphql-request --save to install the package
  3. Run nfuse to make it available to the Fuse environment

Then, in a JS module inside my app I’m trying to use it with the following code:

var request = ("graphql-request"); // also tried ("graphql-request").request

var endpoint = "";
var query = "{ allMessages { text } }";

request(endpoint, query).then(function(data) {

But I’ll only get an error saying: JS stack trace: TypeError: request is not a function

Any ideas how I can make this work?

Hi! It looks to me like you’re missing a require in the first line :slight_smile:

Also, looking at the graphql-request library, it seems like you had the right idea in your comment about require("graphql-request").request

Ah - facepalm! Not sure if this was the actual issue though or just made it into this post as a typo… I had spent quite some time on the problem and did try a few different approaches… I’ll check if I can get it to work now, thanks for the response anyways!

Hello Nikolas,

Did you get around to making this work? I’m in the exact same situation and no matter how I try to add it, I end up with the following error:

Error message: Uncaught require(): module not found: graphql-request


you can connect through it (does not require node js) if you want to subscribe then look at this example and it all works through graphcool sorry my eng =)