Graph QL Support

Has anyone tried to use graphql with Fuse? I currently have a react native app with the JS apollo client for the client-side with redux, and I am curious if this type of setup could work with Fuse.


We haven’t explicitly tried GraphQL here at Fuse, but as long as the client side code is pure JS, it should be straight forward. Redux should just work out of the box, just require() it. Let us know how it goes!

Is it possible for you guys to do a Fuse integration of Apollo Client to handle GraphQL more tightly with Fuse?

I would also be interested to see something like the Firebase integration But for

Hey changalberto,

if you don’t mind, would you rather make a new forum post in Feature suggestions? With details on why do you think this would be a good thing to spend time on. No promises on Fuse team involvement, but if you manage to convince more people this is useful, there might just be someone in the community who jumps on it and gives implementation a try.

Moved request to here:

you can connect through it (does not require node js) if you want to subscribe then look at this example and it all works through graphcool sorry my eng =)