google map

Hi, Is there any way to open google map(both web version and app version of google map)? Can you show me some example code?


Currently, this has to be done through the native APIs.

Raising priority for creating a high level JS function for launching external activities.


I don’t understand your recommendation.

How can I use the native APIs for example of GoogleMaps?


That would be done with Uno code. Check out our documentation for working with Uno code in your projects for more info.

But, as Anders said, we’ll have higher-level JS abstractions for this soon, so stay tuned.

Ok, I just check out the documentation, but I don’t need to launch GoogleMaps, I’m looking for integrate GoogleMaps inside my app. Is it posible?



I’ve got a couple questions, that I cannot find the answers to:)

Is there any example showing GoogleMaps using native code? In order to access the Google Maps servers I need a Google API Key, where should I ‘declare’ it in fuse?

Thank you in advance