Goodbye FUSE! I'll be back when you are more mature :(

I can’t deny that you FUSE has worked hard in the UX, but after reading all the documentation I abandon the development with FUSE by:

-the meeting documentation is not updated.

-There is no basic forms controls (radio buttons, selects, datepicker)

-There is no material to use the SDK from: facebook, twitter, Google+

bye :c

Hey christianrc, thanks for giving us a shot! Sorry to hear you’re leaving. Make sure to keep an eye out for us in the future though; we’ve got loads coming, including everything you mentioned and much more!

Is there any workaround we can use until you make these controls (radio buttons, selects, datepicker)?

When do you release the Native Pickers? As date selector, value selector etc …

I do not work for fuse.

Instead of complaining about lack of controls why don’t you just make them yourself? Its very easy! Then you can share them with others online! (See and

Radio buttons are easy using Selectable

Why do you need a date selector? Use the device’s built in picker! You want a value selector? Why not use the selection api’s and present it in an overlay?

Everything has a solution. You cannot expect every control you need to be made available.