Does DatePIcker exist on fuse?

I need DatePicker like

file file

Does it exist on fuse?


It exists in the current release, but they are a bit difficult to use as you have to use Android/iOS bindings directly; they are not wrapped up as nice UX markup classes yet.

However, in a near future major upgrade of Fuse, you will get all of these nice iOS and Android widgets accessible directly from UX, in the style of <DatePicker /> :slight_smile: So stay tuned!

Hi, I would like to know if this component is available now ? thank you

I see that the DatePicker has been added but is it possible to display the calendar by itself? I would like to display a calendar with user defined colors to indicate events on specific dates, let users select those dates and then trigger a panel to appear showing the information. Similar to the Calendar in OSX but completely customizable.

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, the <DatePicker> component hasn’t been prioritized yet, we are currently foucsing on <MapView> and <WebView>.

You can track the progress here: