Datepicker/Timepicker improvement suggestions

Hi guys,

First of all, it is much appreciated the Datepicker and Timepicker integrated directly with fuse.

However, I have a few suggestions that it might make sense for you to implement in future releases:

  • It would be awesome to be able to change colours of the Android pickers (that teal colour doesn’t go with anything).
  • It would be nice to have the option for minutes step.

5 minute interval

  • It also would be nice to have the option to show the day of the week on the datepicker. (iOS only)

day on date

  • If you have a Timepicker on a different page and you select the hours and minutes and then go back, when you return to the Timepicker page the minutes are selected, when the focus should be on the hours.

timepicker minutes selected

  • On Timepicker the Is24HourView is not working (at least for me). (In the example you actually use Is24HourTimeView
	<TimePicker Value="{someTime}" Is24HourView="true" />

Hi Ana.

Thanks for the excellent suggestions. I’ve logged a ticket about this and you’ll get notified there when we get to it.

Hi Ana!

The Is24HourView thing has been fixed now, and will be included in the 1.5 release. This includes both fixing the erroneous docs, as well as an issue with the property not being set correctly from UX.

As for the other suggestions, thanks again for those! I’ll continue tracking the ticket and we’ll see what we can do in the future.