GeoLocation module bug

Fuse version >=1.6.1
Mac Os Sierra Hight

I have this error with GeoLocation module on Android version 4.4.2. On Ios and Android v.6.0 it works:


GeoLocation.getLocation(5000).then(function (location) {
            console.log("coordinate gps",location);
        }).catch(function (fail) {
            console.log("fail gps");
/dalvikvm(32117): Could not find method android.os.PowerManager.isInteractive, referenced from method
W/dalvikvm(32117): VFY: unable to resolve virtual method 775: Landroid/os/PowerManager;.isInteractive ()Z
D/dalvikvm(32117): VFY: replacing opcode 0x6e at 0x0045

W/DynamiteModule(32117): Local module descriptor class for not found.
W/DynamiteModule(32117): Failed to load module via V2: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class "$DynamiteLoaderClassLoader" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/com.stentle.justcommerce-1.apk"],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/data/app-lib/com.stentle.justcommerce-1, /vendor/lib, /system/lib]]
I/DynamiteModule(32117): Considering local module and remote module
I/DynamiteModule(32117): Selected remote version of, version >= 4

Looks like an Android thing. My best guess is that your device has an older google-services plugin version than what your project was built with. Please see if this SO post helps you.

Thanks for the reply. I read the post but in my project fuse how should I be able to solve the problem? I don’t know where to start. I am a developer javascript.

However my device even though it is old should comply with the Fuse requirements. So this should be categorized as a bug in the Fusetool framework?