get geolocation crashing after update

Hi guys , after update my app is always crashing using the geolocation module with nothing in the console.

	function loadPublicationHome(){

		socket.emit("loadpublicationHome", {lat: geoLocation.location.latitude, long: geoLocation.location.longitude, radius: 10}, function(data){
			socket.on("PublicationHome", function(data, fn){
		}else {
				socket.emit("loadpublicationHome", {lat: results.latitude, long: results.longitude, radius: 10}, function(data){
				 socket.on("PublicationHome", function(data, fn){

i have isolated the geoLocation.getLocation(), and its always crashing, it was working good before , dont really know what’s happen here

There are a few other threads with open issues, which will hopefully get sorted soon.

For me it crashed before 0.25 too.
Waiting for this myself :wink:

thank you @Costin :slight_smile: we just have to wait :slight_smile:

A fix for this is shipping very soon. I will update this and the other threads as soon as it’s out!

Are you on Android? If so, this is fixed in Fuse 0.25.5, which you can get from A related bug exists for iOS, which is fixed in Fuse 0.26 that ships soon.

still crashing for me

A pre release version of Fuse 0.26, which has several improvements to geolocation on ios, is now available on if you want to try it.

Kobo, you are probably experiencing another issue than I first thought, then. I’ll have someone look into this on Monday.

Hi Kobo, I’m currently investigating this problem.

Maybe you could give me some more details about your problem?

The following information would be very useful:

  • Any output from monitor/console log
  • Type of device, and OS version

Hi @karsten , the geolocation issue is device related. i have two of them for testing fuse apps , one its a lG bello (geolocation works) , the other its LG G4 stylus (geolocation continue to crash even after updating). geolocation crash without any error in the console.

Is it an immediate crash, or something that occurs after a while? Also, what version of Android do you have on these devices?

immediate crash versions are
LG bello: android 4.4.2 LG G4 stylus: Android 6.0

Kobo, I’ve fixed another Android related bug in the latest 0.26 prelease.

I don’t know if that’s related to your problem, but would be very helpful if you can check that one and tell me whether or not it fixes your problem.

If it that doesn’t help then creating a small stripped-down example that demonstrates the problem would also be a very helpful aid in debugging this.

@Karsten, hourra its working just fine now

Great news Kobo!

Thanks for the bug report.