iOS app rejection and some fuse module bugs

HI, i have a lot of issue with fuse modules.

Geolocation module sometimes load indefinitely without giving back any location (on iOS and android), i’am using it to load some data on my home page , i got an app rejection from apple because of that (completeness issue), the user didnt get back the location , so the load data function didnt stopped (the function was waiting location function to be done).

this is how i’m doing it

function locationGet(){
  return new Promise(function(resolve ,reject){

function loadVentes(){
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
    var query = new Parse.Query("Ventes")
      query.withinKilometers("location", new Parse.GeoPoint(location), Parse.User.current().get("Radius"))
      query.notEqualTo("Quantite", 0)
      query.notEqualTo("Open", false)
      query.notEqualTo("user", Parse.User.current())
        setTimeout(function () {
          dataLoading.value = false;
        }, 600);
          function(oldItem, newItem){
          return ==;
        function(oldItem, newItem){
          oldItem.quantite.value = newItem.get("Quantite") == null ? 0 :  newItem.get("Quantite");
          oldItem.createdAt.value = moment(newItem.get("createdAt")).fromNow()
          return new NearVentes(, newItem.get("nom"), newItem.get("description"),newItem.get("Quantite"),
          newItem.get("prix"), newItem.get("location"), newItem.get("photo"), newItem.get("createdAt"), location, newItem.get("user"), newItem, newItem.get("ville"))


the complete code of my home page javascript can be found here

Pushnotification registration not always works.
when a user signup in my app , i call the push notification registration for getting a reg , sometimes it works sometimes no (reg is null). its a huge problem for an app where the user need to be notified often.

var push = require("FuseJS/Push");
var reg = Observable()

push.on("registrationSucceeded", function(regID) {
  reg.value = regID

i’m using the reg.value to signup up user , but sometimes the reg is null. you can found the entire signup javascript here
and this is my unoproj file

the last module who is not working well its camera for android , i know you worked a lot for fixing the memory issue , but it is always there , sometimes when i take a picture and press ok to display the image the app crash.

Can anyone help me , or tell me if i’m doing something wrong?

i’m using the last fuse release (0.35) on osx.

GeoLocation.location sometimes get resolved with empty object {}. this explain part way the geolocation bug.