Game of Snake with Fusetools

I just couldn’t stand the fact that there were almost no games done on fuse, so I made one. As a gag mostly.

Since the classics never die, I present you [drumroll…] the mighty Fuse Snake v2.0, with improved performance over the initial version (huge thanks @duckers!). Noteworthy fact is that it’s done with pure UX and JS.

Feedback, forks and pull requests welcome :slight_smile:


Cool! Nice and tidy code too! :slight_smile:

Hey Uldis, looks great! :slight_smile:

One question why did you make the Grid in the MainView

<Grid Rows="25*,50*,25*">

and not

<Grid Rows="1*,2*,1*">


Is there a difference?

Thanks Anders, appreciate feedback like this from Fuse team!

Mitnick: nope, no difference. I just went for something that looked more like straightforward percentages. Talk about lazy :slight_smile: