approach to creating a flip book effect

im just trialing fuze to do a project on children picture book and one requirement is having a flip book effect like flipping a book in real life. is this something possible with fuze?

also if i want to add my own state mamagement system is the lifecycle hooks of the view can that be decorated or customized some how? basically just use fuze as the view engine

Hi Andrew! The name is Fuse.

Here’s a Cube transition example that sounds something like you might be looking for.

As far as state management goes, you should go for a JavaScript model that takes care of that. The JS business logic in Fuse projects is best described by MVVM pattern, and UX code is mostly used just for the layout and animations. The layout itself can be split in components that accept properties you define, and allows to fully customise whatever it is that you want to customise.

Hope this helps!

Hi Uldis thanks for getting back to me,

Sorry, Ah yes i meant Fuse. what i’m looking for is something like this . Does Fuse users have access to pretty much the opengl engine? so if no premade component or animation exist I can build my self?

And is the UX code open to extend through lifecycle method hooks or something similar? so if I can use a 3rd party state management engine like example they have bindings for many frameworks. Just wondering if thats a possibility? I don’t mind getting down and dirty and figuring it out but just checking if its architecturally impossible or just not feasible.


If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, low-level stuff can be implemented using Uno (a C# dialect). There are docs on Native interop that you’ll find useful.

Once you’ve got the theory down, a part of Fuse is actually open source: see fuselibs-public where you’ll find a lot of interesting things.

Using other JS frameworks is somewhat limited. Fuse does not emulate a browser (or node.js) environment, so generally it’s not plug-and-play. ES6 support is coming, but currently it’s vanilla ES5.1 JS.

Hope this helps!