Fusenmp error

Getting an error when trying to install Sqlite using fusepm:

fusepm install https://github.com/bolav/fuse-sqlite Found 0 unoproj files. Wanted 1

Also tried: fusepm install https://github.com/bolav/fuse-sqlite --unoproj main.unoproj Found 0 unoproj files. Wanted 1

Any ideas?


Someone else might be able to answer you, but fusepm is made by a third party and is not the official Fuse package manager. As I don’t know how it works I won’t be able to give support on it - sorry!

We are working on the official package manager for Fuse, but it is not yet released.

Ok, and ideas where I might turn for help?

This is probably the right place, if bolav (who made the package manager) spots your post :slight_smile:

fusepm install <github-url> is supposed to be run in a directory with a uno project, to add SQLite to your project. If you have only one .unoproj file in the directory it will install it to that file. If you have several you need to use the --unoproj parameter.