Fuse crashing after high CPU use on macOS

fuse v1.1.0 (build 13808)
macOS v10.12.6

After updating macOS, Fuse goes to CPU usage of > 350%. This goes on for about a minute, and then it winds down or it crashes. I have sent the crash report from macOS. Loading of the preview from my connected iPhone is very, very slow, more than a minute to get to the splash screen.

I was on Fuse 1.1.0 since it came out and haven’t had this behaviour, it started with the update of macOS.

Fuse logs give no meaningful information.

Investigating further, Fuse runs ok when in preview on desktop. When I start previewing on iPhone, CPU goes up.

Hi Jeroen,

That’s interesting, could you please send us the crash report that you get?

Hi Emil, looking through logs in macOS’s Console I see some more info than in the Fuse logs. Quite a few are like this

Event:           wakeups
Wakeups:         45007 wakeups over the last 290 seconds (155 wakeups per second average), exceeding limit of 150 wakeups per second over 300 seconds
Duration:        289.83s
Steps:           253

Hardware model:  MacBookPro10,1
Active cpus:     8

Fan speed:       5921 rpm

Do you want complete reports? If so, shall I attach them here?

Yeah, please send it to us here:


Thank you!

Which language have you set as default language in macOS?

Hi Emil,

My language setting is set to Dutch (NL language)


Hi Emil, thought you’d be interested to know that after upgrading to 1.1.1 (build 13893) I haven’t heard my fan yet.

That’s interesting, thank you for letting me know.

Emil, the high CPU usage started happening again. After some more investigating, I think I found the problem. In my .unoproj file, I had two lines to include png files, and one line was for a subfolder of the other. I found Fuse kept on loading the files with every preview refresh on my device.

This is what I had:

  "Includes": [

Removing the last line brought me back to CPU usage of < 60%, even when starting up.

(To clarify: Fuse reported an error about too many files open. MacOS reported over 900 open PNG files.)

Hi Jeroen,

That of course shouldn’t happen. Did you start Fuse from terminal or spotlight? I’m wondering, since the terminal got a limitation in how many files it supports open.

Hi Emil,

Have switched to opening Fuse from the app, used the terminal before. No change, I’m afraid.