Fuse Preview App Suggestion


The introduction of fuse-preview app is awesome, and has been very helpful , I don’t need to deal with the building things for simple stuff. However I’d like to give some feedback if you don’t mind

  • I’m unable to lock the phone orientation, I’ve tried to add "Mobile": {"Orientations": "Portrait"}, on my project file, but still the phone detects orientation change even though I have lock it on my phone (Android). It would be great if you have setting for it, or could read from project file at least
  • Additional option to restart the apps from fuse-preview directly. For now my option is to restart from fuse studio or re-scan the QR code
  • Ability to cache the project, it would be useful if I need to show the app to somebody without connected to fuse studio, for now once I close the app, then it would be asking QR scan when I open back the app

Additionally, since the fuse-preview app has QR Scan capability, what makes you stop to release that as fuse component or plugin? At least as pro package is better than nothing, and it would make great addition to fuse feature.


Hi Sahal,

it’s no secret that the preview app uses this community library for scanning QR codes. Go and grab it!

As for the third suggestion, you should just make a debug or release build and deploy that to the device via USB (or just put the APK on dropbox?). Preview builds and those run via preview app need to be connected to Fuse Studio anyway, so “caching” something doesn’t make much sense. See our Preview and Export article for details.

The other two suggestions are now logged as tickets internally and will get passed on to the team making the app.