Oops! Something went wrong here. ::No preview :(

Hi team Fuse. I got a problem with preview in android app. I tried cleaning the project folder and rebuilding the preview apk but didn’t find the luck


Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems.

However, this post does not contain enough information for anyone to understand what your problem is. No information about circumstances, what devices you are using, no test project, no description of the error or error message, no steps to reproduce the problem. How do you expect us to be able to help?

I’m really very sorry for not providing correct info. I’m running the android app using ARC Welder for Chrome and it worked until I restarted the project compilation and got this message. Tried “uno clean” command and reinstalling the preview apk. It was hard for me to find the error.

But yeah I cleared the code and rewrote that. It is working now. Thanks for coming through.