fuse: Failed to install AndroidNDK


I’m facing difficulties when trying to install the required components to run or preview on an android device. When I run fuse install -s android, it returns a message that says Android is not installed.

When i try to install the components (fuse install android), it returns the error (access to path libpython2.7.dll.a is denied) shown in the screenshot below:


How do i work around this problem…!!

Hi, I’ve never seen this error before. Do you have Administrator rights on your machine? Could you try to delete c:\ProgramData\Uno\SDKs\AndroidNDK and run fuse install android again? This would install a fresh copy, in case something is wrong with the existing one.

Thank you, that worked :computer: :sunglasses:

Great! :slight_smile:

i tried to do that but i did not find the SDKs folder in c:\ProgramData\Uno\ @kelvinelove


The SDK’s are now by default located at %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\Android.