Fuse demo very slow


I tried the fuse basic example with “reatime effects” to blur the fuse logo, it is very slow and the slider is hard to move, is it normal? i alerady toggle the ios simulator “Debug > toggle slow animation” many times with no effects.

Thank you

Have you tried running the examples on a real device? The iOS (and Android) simulators from Apple and Google are unfortunately notoriously slow, and the recommended way of working in Fuse is using our own desktop simulator, or running on real devices.

Hello, no i didn’t preview on real device, how to use fuse desktop simulator please ?

Thank you.

In the dashboard, navigate to your project and click the “Start app preview” button. A modal window will appear, in which you select the target platform to start preview on. To preview from Sublime Text, right-click any .ux or .unoproj file in the sidebar and select your target platform under the Fuse: Preview menu. You’ll want to pick the “local” target, which will bring up the desktop simulator.

See the full guide here: https://www.fusetools.com/docs/basics/preview-and-export

Keep in mind I’m not entirely sure what “fuse example” you’re referring to; so it might be one that only runs on devices.