Fuse (beta) release 0.9.6

Fuse 0.9.6 is out!

Download at the download page.


Improved SDK Downloader

  • Fixed bugs related to having Java in custom path
  • It will now try to find 3rdparty packages in common places, as in environment PATH variable etc.
  • Android platform API 21 will now be installed (required so that latest android play libraries works). Please run fuse install android again if you happens to have problems with android play libraries.

LoadHtml HTML

  • LoadHtml now takes an <HTML> node for inline HTML like the WebView for consistency.

Text/TextInput LineSpacing

  • We now respect LineSpacing on Android and iOS

Opacity threshold

  • Elements with a low opacity now remain hittable, previously they would stop being hit targets. This change allows a way for invisible things to receive hits, which was previously not possible (as well as removing a suspicious behaviour). The HitTestOpacityThreshold has also been removed. To make an item non-hittable use one of the alternatives: Visibility="Hidden", HitTestMode="None" or IsEnabled="false".

For example, if you had a a trigger like this:

    <Change Myself.Opacity="0"/>

And relied on it becoming unhittable, you must now explicitly disable it and/or make it truly invisible:

    <Change Myself.Opacity="0"/>
    <Change Myself.Visibility="Hidden"/>
    <Change Myself.IsEnabled="false"/>

Setting things invisible and disabled also enables some performance gain in the application.


  • LimitHeight and LimitWidth are now style properties of Element directly, not attached properties. If you referred to them with the LimitBoxSizing prefix drop that from the UX files. In Uno the style properties are inside Element now.
  • The default unit of LimitHeight and LimitWidth is now Points to be consistent with other unit based notations. You must add a % to the value if this is what was expected 100%.


  • Cleanup and add fallback in case a root viewport is not found.

Android TextRenderer

  • A crash-bug when the Value property was null has been fixed.

Element caching

  • An internal crash-bug in the Element-caching that occurred when the element-tree was changed has been fixed.

Known bugs

  • If your .unoproj contains a space, you might not be able to build for Android
  • GeoLocation can cause local preview to crash