Fuse beta release 0.1.2348

This release contains a bevy of updates to UX and Uno libraries, including new state machine behaviours, animators and important ground work for the long-awaited 3d elements.


  • We’ve found a reproducible hard freeze when interacting with system dialogs while using the OS X fullscreen mode. Unfortunately we were unable to include a fix for this in the current release, so fullscreen mode has been disabled at the present time. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed invalid program exception when changing projects on OS X introduced last version
  • A number of fixes to the user interface, particularly the “create new project” wizard.

Fuse libs

New features

  • A new State and StateGroup system has been introduced to create state based animations.
  • Nothing is an animator that doesn’t do anything except take up space in the animation timeline. This can be used to extend the length of your animation, effectively adding a delay at the end of the animation. This is useful if you wish to delay the animation when played backwards. Both Duration and DurationBack can be specified for Nothing.
  • Trigger.Bypass When a trigger is activated during rooting, or otherwise gets an initial state, it uses a bypass mode. This causes the animators to jump to their target state without actually playing the animation over time. There are times when this behaviour is not desired and you’d like to always have the animation played to the initial state. For this you can set Trigger.Bypass=“Never”. All bypass operations will be treated as normal playback.
  • 3d elements and transforms


  • WhileEdgeSwiped moved from Fuse.Triggers to Fuse.Gestures to be consistent with other gestures
  • ResizedArgs moved from Fuse.Elements to Fuse to be part of IActualSize and correct a defect in the Translation transform
  • Introducing EdgeNavigation to replace WhileEdgeSwiped
  • PhysicsProperty
    • The Property value is called Target now to be consistent with other animators
    • The various PhysicsFloat subclasses have been removed, just use PhysicsProperty
  • Clicked, DoubleClicked, ClickedArgs, ClickedHandler moved from Fuse.Triggers to Fuse.Gestures. This makes it consistent with other gestures.