Fuse APP apk

I import apk file from gallery exmaple and i want to see how it will look like , then i install into my emulator SDK emulator and it crashed and i couldn’t make it work , so i was asking what to do in order to have apk file runnig in my emulator ?!


APKs should run in emulators, as long as the emulator is running a sufficiently modern Android version. Can you provide some more details about your emulator, as well as provide the APK you use to test?


My emulators details : Platform 4.4.2 Google APIS API Level 19 CPU/ABI ARM(armeabi-v7a)

I downlaod gallerg project from the website and i expoted it to apk using the following : fuse bulid -t=android and i get file in .build/Android-Debug/bin/Gallery-debug.apk