Fuse 1.9 Android 8 issue


Today I tried to run my app on an Android 8 (API 26) device (Sony Xperia ZX 2 Compact) and it fails at start up. The same problem occurs with a Pixel device on the Firebase test site also running at API 26. The application runs fine on devices from API 16 up to and including API 25.

To build the app, I use:
uno build file.unoproj -t=android -c=release
then I start up Android Studio and run the app on the device

I get a slew of build warnings:
gnustl_shared is deprecated and will be removed in the next release.
Please switch to either c++_shared or c++_static.

I’ve always had these warnings but, Android 8, is it now critical? What do I need to change in Fuse to fix this?


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