Can't build on Android

Hi guys,

I’ve updated the version of fuse to 1.2.1 and now I can´t build for Android. I tried version 1.2.0 and I have the same behaviour. However with the version 1.1.1 I can build the app and run it.

In the log for Version 1.2.1 I get Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1, fault addr 0x7 in tid 2961 (Thread-3) and the app is terminated.

I must add that this happens only when I have the Google Analytics module (which can be found in the community packages page). Checking the latest changelogs from fuse, I can’t figure out what may be causing some incompatibility.

So, with some help from Uldis (thanks) I started doing the debug on the Android Studio. I ran fuse build -tandroid -d. Then I debugged it and I got this result:

Then I checked by project to see if I could find uFieldInfo in it and shed me some light on what the problem might be. And I got this result:

As you can see they are all .h and .cpp files and I cannot not find anything useful in it, so I’m asking if someone can help me figuring out what is happening.

Thank you.

Hi there!

Could you see if you are able to create an isolated Fuse project that reproduces the error with as little code as possible? This would make it easier to investigate