Crash in navigation initialization in webgl

When running my app in webgl (latest version 0.5.3373) it crashes on startup. It runs fine when building for dotnet

TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined 
  at Object.Invoke (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/    $uno.js:675:23) 
  at Fuse.Navigation.Navigation.Invoke (.build/WebGL-             Debug/src/Fuse/Navigation/Navigation.js:297:15) 
  at Object.Invoke (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/$uno.js:675:24) 
  at I.ForeachInList_1 (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/Fuse/Properties.js:106:28) 
  at Function.Fuse.Navigation.Navigation.NotifyNavigation (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/Fuse/Navigation/Navigation.js:266:28) 
  at I.EnsureChildAnimationState (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/Fuse/Navigation/StructuredNavigation.js:165:44)
  at I.OnPlaced (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/Fuse/Navigation/StructuredNavigation.js:391:18) 
  at Object.Invoke (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/$uno.js:675:24) 
  at I.DispatchPlacement (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/Fuse/Elements/Element.js:657:29) 
  at Object.Invoke (.build/WebGL-Debug/src/$uno.js:675:24)

I cant really reproduce this easily outside my app, but it is testable on

Hi, thanks for reporting. We will look at it.

It would make it easier to debug this if you could privately give us access to the project source code somehow.

Sure, I’ll send you a snapshot of it. Where should I send it?