Freezing when select target android.

Hello, I am using Fuse on Macbook Pro(2015 Early 13"), OS X 10.10. I installed fuse and set target to Android, but It freezed.

It was a first time to set target to Android, but I couldn’t see Android SDK Downloader.

I run SDK Downloader in directly and Installed SDK, NDK and Ant. And re-run Fuse, select target to android… it freezed too.

So I can’t build app to Android. Can I get some help about this problem?

p.s. video is on here. mov file

Hey, it is known that Fuse is freezing when selecting Android, however it should only be for a while. Have you tried waiting approx. 40 sec?

I have changed the priority of the issue, so hopefully a fix is on the way. Anyways thanks for your report.