Focussing error / Side Menu

Hi, two question:

  1. I have a Input text that when I touch it I trigger actions with the tag < Foccussing >. The problem is that the Focus goes out when I touch another element not when I touch any part of the scene (like empty background). There is a way to foccus out (the keyboard desappear) when I touch any part outside of the input? O the only way to Focus out is to focus another element?

  2. How I can do a Side menu that appear when I touch a Image? I cant find in the documentation (in the Outracks documentation I found it but dont work in the new Fuse version). The correct way to do this is with < page>?


  1. There could be some focus rules here we still need to tweak. However, you can get release the focus with code by calling @fuse/input/focus/release from code. For example, create a background rectangle and listen to Pointer.Pressed on that, then call Focus.Release() from there.

  2. There are many ways to acheive this, the most straight forward is using <LinearNavigation>. More and up-to-date examples etc are coming.

Thanks! Fuse is really amazing , would be amazing to have more tutorials and examples to know the true potential of Fuse.

We will be publishing more examples and tutorials as the beta progresses, don’t worry. :slight_smile: