Fixed Carousel

is there a way to get the effect in the example? I wanted to disable the scroll by gesture and just enable the click on the arrows. Is that possible?

That certainly should be possible. The approach you take depends on what element you use for the carousel, and I’d suggest you to go with PageControl + set Interaction="None" on it.

If you’re wondering how you can make pages not take up the whole width of the screen, we have this example that shows how to do that.

Do I need to treat them like pages? Even if what i want to scroll are just images?
In this example, the animation is enabled by the swipe. I wanted to disable the swipe and scroll the images just with the arrow.

As I said before, the approach you take depends on what you use as the parent element. I personally would approach it with a PageControl.

You should perhaps try to build something first, and then post some code that we could copy-paste and run. Otherwise it’s impossible to help.

Ok i’ll try and then i will post here some code. Thank you :slight_smile: