SwipeNavigation for Image Gallery

What I’m going for is a sort of image gallery. It’s horizontal scroll, and the images should be swipeable.

Basic code as follows:

    <LinearNavigation />
    <SwipeNavigate SwipeDirection="Left" />
    <Each Items="{images}">
            <Image Url="{url}" StretchMode="UniformToFill" Width="100%" Height="200" />

Where ImageGallery is:

<Page ux:Class="ImageGallery">
        <Move X="-1" RelativeTo="ParentSize" />
        <Move X="1" RelativeTo="ParentSize" />

The issue I’m having is that the “scrolling” animation feels off. I’d expect a more “throwing” effect when I swipe my finger, but what I get is a slight pause after swiping, followed by what I assume is the standard easing curve.

How can I make that swipe action feel more natural?

Thanks in advance!


<LinearNavigation Easing="CircularOut" /> usually does the trick for me :slight_smile: