'Firebase.DataBase.JS.DatabaseModule' was not found (DEVICE ANDROID)

Hi guys,

I’m starting to use Firebase but I have a problem. When testing the app on my android, it gives an error saying “‘Firebase.DataBase.JS.DatabaseModule’ was not found.”

How can I solve this?

I’m basing myself on this project https://github.com/fuse-compound/Fuse.Firebase


      "Packages": [
      "Projects": [
      "Includes": [


	var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
	var Database = require("Firebase/Database");

	function addUser(){

	    var user = {
	      name : "Joe Doe",
	      email: 'joedoe@example.com'
	    Database.push("users", user);


	module.exports = {
	    addUser: addUser

Have you followed the setup instructions carefully? Also, make sure you’ve pulled the latest changes on that repository.

Yes, I created new projects on Firebase and Facebook, updated google-services.js, and modified the google and facebook keys.

When I simulate in the computer, the project does not give any error or log, but also I can not log in through the email, because the button of facebook and google do not appear.

I already downloaded everything again and test on another machine, but the error continues.