Database integration (Firebase ).

Hello Everyone,

I needed a realtime database for my app so I tried to implement my favourite which is App42. But I came to a dead end so started to look for an alternative which already have built in integration with fuse. I have to say that at first I got very disappointed as this perfect software does not support a database out of the box. However I found some people who is willing to help along with some threads in the forum. So I decided to give it a go.

The status for now is, I have been trying to make things work with firebase for around 5 hours now and I want to share the best path that I found with everyone who will have a head start instead of going through the same curvy path I walked. So do not give up, because as far as I understand there are people who already made it work. Sharing what I got until now;

First you need to decide if you are only after user auth. or you want to work on the database.

1- If you only want to work on auth. then the file on this link is the one to follow.

2- if you want to integrate database management use this one instead; (it is the branch from Bolav saying feature database at

I choose the second one as I need a database.
This package contains two important folders for the sample code.

1- src/Firebase.Authentication

2- /AuthExample

Do not try to locate the documentation inside “/AuthExample” because there is none. However you will find a good guide inside the first and docs folders.
I recommend you to follow this link. (

If you follow this tutorial you will find out that it does not build due to an error. The error is in the file, there is a “;” missing on line 103. Just put that and build using “fuse build -t=iOS -DCOCOAPODS -d” command. However what I get of this is only a white window on my iPhone 7 plus.

As I progress through the process I will update this thread for referance.

All help I can get is appreciated and will also help anyone following the same path.

In the meanwhile I tried to build the Firebase.Database, but there is a folder missing which is ; Fuse.JSON. So for now, no luck on running that as well.
Firebase.Database.unoproj: E0000: File /Users/erenuyanik/Downloads/Fuse.Firebase-9fab962084e704748b72e46dcc1fd5c56aedffd4/Fuse.JSON/JSON.unoproj does not exist

As was outlined in another forum post, and as you found yourself, the Fuse.JSON repo is here.


I’ve successfully installed FireBase and was able to authenticate with Google/Facebook in iOS app.

Do you have some sample code for Firebase Database? I guess I can find some functions & methods in source code, this is what I’m going to do now. But if you have something to share, that would be great.

Ok, I’ve found example of working Firebase Database, here: