Fatal error on build, not in Preview

Hello, I’ve encountered a case where the app fails to build due to faulty code, however if I introduce the faulty piece of code after preview is running, the preview continues to work just fine without raising any error and the functionality also performs exactly as I intended it to.

The following code (simplified from a much larger project) defines two types of navigation one wrapped by another, each level loaded as a different UX file -


        <DirectNavigation Active="MainTab" ux:Name="DirectNav" Active="MainTab" />

        <ux:Include File="MainTab.ux" />
        <ux:Include File="AnotherTab.ux" />


<Page ux:Name="MainTab">
        <HierarchicalNavigation ux:Name="LevelsNavigation" Active="Level1"/>

        <ux:Include File="Level1.ux" />
        <ux:Include File="Level2.ux" />


<Page ux:Name="Level1">
                <NavigateTo Target="Level2" NavigationContext="LevelsNavigation" />

Level2.ux contains the same structure as Level1.ux with the ux:Name of the page being ‘Level2’ and the NavigateTo action targeting Level1.

Upon build I get this HUGE error:

TowardDemo: E0000: Level2 cannot be accessed from this scope
....\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\TowardDemo.unoproj: E0000: File 'C:\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\build\Local\Preview22\cache\TWTag.g.uno' does not exist
....\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\TowardDemo.unoproj: E0000: File 'C:\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\build\Local\Preview22\cache\StylesInclude.g.uno' does not exist
....\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\TowardDemo.unoproj: E0000: File 'C:\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\build\Local\Preview22\cache\TagValue.g.uno' does not exist
....\Users\fernandolins\OneDrive\Documentos\GitHub\TowardPrototipo\TowardDemo.unoproj: E0000: 

Please download the full error log here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdypet0ba5w4r5l/BuildError-FernandoLins-Scope.txt?dl=0

If I comment out <NavigateTo Target="Level2" NavigationContext="LevelsNavigation" />, build, then un-comment it and save, Local Preview updates, continues to run the app and the navigation works just fine.

Hi, thanks for the test case.

We will be investigating it shortly.


I am unable to reproduce this problem in the 0.10 release, which will be released very soon. It is probably fixed. Let us know if the problem persists in 0.10.