DockPanel Error

Good day. When going through one of your YouTube tutorials this morning, I came across an error I couldn’t resolve.

Basically, when I try to save and live preview my code, I receive the following error:

‘StatusBarBackground’ does not have a property called ‘DockPanel’ - C:\Users\Me\Documents\Fuse\test\MainView.ux(4:1):E

Errors were encountered while building the project - (0:0):E

and pic of my screen can be seen here:

The video is to the left, my code is to the right. The interesting thing, is if I create a new project, and delete everything between the DockPanel element already there, I can make a button and it’ll preview. When I add the rectangle though, it gives this error. I’m hoping I’m just that noob enough to be missing something simple. Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:



So, after messing around a bit, I seem to have gotten it to work, but I’m unsure how. Still something to possibly be looked into, I’ll reach out if I have further issues. Thank you!


It seems you mistyped DockPanel.Dock as simply DockPanel.

Pro tip: you can also use just Dock, e.g.:

<StatusBarBackground Dock="Top" />

Hope this helps :slight_smile: