DirectNavigation and Multiples .ux files not working :(


I have a issue using DirectNavigation when the pages of the app are saved in different .ux files.

If the pages LoginPage, PasswordRecoveryPage and RegisterPage are inlined in the MainView.ux is working fine but when I put them in separate files it’s not working.

Maybe someone can help me. Thanks !!!


<App Theme="Basic">
<JavaScript File="MainView.js" />


            <DirectNavigation Active="{currentPage}"/>

            <Page ux:Name="LoginPage" Name="LoginPage" Background="Black">
                <LoginPage />

            <Page ux:Name="PasswordRecoveryPage" Name="PasswordRecoveryPage" Background="Black">
                <PasswordRecoveryPage />

            <Page ux:Name="RegisterPage" Name="RegisterPage" Background="Black">
                <RegisterPage />



Here’s an example:

Thanks Marcelo … That’s was what I needed. I was totaly missing the Style part:

                DirectNavigation doesn't provide ANY animation, so if you try to
                use it without an exit animation you're going to have a long
                time debugging it, trust me :(
                        We just remove the panel, without any animation.
                    <Move X="-1" RelativeTo="Size" />