Erratic behavior in 0.5.3373 (Android): HTTP makes app go to background

When uploading photos in Flare, Android will push the app to the background. It looks like a crash (visually), but it will actually controlled put the app into background as shown by this log:

I/Flare   (14398): File is 2973070
I/Flare   (14398): ContentType: multipart/form-data; boundary=----BOUNDARY
I/Flare   (14398): Length of data: 2973176
I/Flare   (14398): Data: Uno.Byte[]
I/Flare   (14398): TakePicture [10480ms]: COMPLETE
I/Flare   (14398): Request succeeded: PostAsync:
I/Flare   (14398): ApplicationEnteringBackground [0ms]: STARTED
I/Flare   (14398): Application entering background
I/Flare   (14398): ApplicationEnteringBackground [2ms]: COMPLETE

The app is indeed lingering in the recent apps-list.

This works as expected on iOS and DotNetExe (as in: the file is uploaded as expected). This used to work on Android also but now doesn’t.

On the server:

System.IO.IOException: Error reading MIME multipart body part. ---> System.Web.HttpException: The client disconnected

Hi, we are currently upgrading the android implementation of the http library. I will add this to the list of thing to fix. Thanks again for the bug reports and we will keep you posted.

This has been fixed in a recent release.