v0.5.3127: Android app startup non-deterministic

I’m seeing these issues on Android:

  • App compiles and deploys correctly, but disappears after flashing on the screen
  • In this state, a debug_log as first line of App constructor will not be output to logcat
  • The app will sometimes appear as “running” in the OS app overview, and can be killed

I am not sure what makes this happen, have tried rebooting device, running clean, etc, but it seems to be hit and miss. The same installation can start one minute and fail the next, however it seems to get into “runs” where it will relatively consistently start or fail. I am testing this with a debug_log as the very first line of the app; nothing is output. Making changes to the app that have nothing to do with app startup will then go on to push the app into startable state again, for some reason. An example of such a change could be adding a debug_log-line an arbitrary place in the code.

Hi, thanks for the report. It certainly is an interesting one.

  • Do you have any example code that triggers this?
  • Does this error appear only in live preview or also when deploying apps?

These things will help get the right brain here on the problem. Cheers

Unfortunately, this happens in Flare, and it is mainly Uno/UX-code, so live preview isn’t really on the table. It started happening quite recently.

Testing this with Flare is fairly easy, as a build that “fails” startup does so very consistently.