Crash in 0.5.3373: HTTP GetResponseStatus crashes the app (Android)


using Uno;
using Uno.Net.Http;

public partial class HTTP
        public HTTP() {
            try {
                var c = new Uno.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandler();
                var request = c.CreateRequest("POST", "");

                request.SetHeader("Content-type", "application/json");

                request.Done += RequestSucceeded;
                request.Error += RequestFailed;


                debug_log "Ran constructor";
            } catch (Exception ex) {
                debug_log "WOW, that failed";

        static void RequestSucceeded(HttpMessageHandlerRequest request) {            
            debug_log "REQUEST SUCCEEDED";

        static void RequestFailed(HttpMessageHandlerRequest request, string errorMessage) {
            try {
                debug_log "REQUEST FAILED MISESABLY: " + errorMessage;
                debug_log "RESPONSE STATUS: " + request.GetResponseStatus();
            } catch {
                debug_log "CAUGHT EXCEPTION";


This yields:

I/HTTP    ( 8340): Ran constructor

However, if you turn off WIFI and mobile data, the app will consistently crash when trying to do request.GetResponseStatus(). It will CRASH the app violently.

Wrapping the call in try/catch doesn’t work either, so this must be a platform implementation problem.

Thanks for reporting, we’re on it!

Hi and thanks for the bug report. We are currently doing some work on the android implementation of the http library. I’ll add this to the list of thing to address. You can expect and update to this in the near future Will keep you posted.

This is now fixed. It will most likely be in next monday’s release. As ever thanks for your post and your patience