Enable/Disable Push notification

How to have a button that enables and disables push notification coming from my server well I have got it working but now it’s working for every user that will hold the application, I want to give the users the ability to mute notifications.

Hi Heavenchains,

it looks like you’re asking a question that is not directly related to Fuse, but instead to that backend of yours.

In general, your Fuse application would need to call a “disable_push” method on your backends API, pass some id or token that identifies a particular authenticated user, and the backend would then store that it should not send notifications to that user. Note that how you implement that method on the backend of your choice is in no way related to Fuse.

Also, don’t forget that users on iOS and Android can disable push notifications in application settings, so they already have the option to mute notifications, which is absolutely out of your control.

Hope this helps!