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Multiple push notification channels

Hi everyone!

I’m building an app where users can be notified via push notifications. The app will be used for 3 towns. Each town has its own news. It would be great that the user can select for which towns they want to get notifications.

Is it possible to create this? Do I need multiple push notification keys? Is it even possible? If it’s not possible like this, how then?

Thanks in advance!

Can someone please help me with this? Is this possible to do?

I think the best way is to handle it on the server-side, not in Fuse, by segmenting your user based on the town they are choosing (or by geolocation data).

To segmenting your users, You can create a database table on the server to store information of the user notification token key(registrationID) with the town information ( or town id ) they are choosing.

You can save the registrationID token that has been acquired in Fuse to the server using Ajax/Fetch request. The registrationID is used as a user device ID to send the push notification.

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