Editing video with Fuse

Hey there! I’m making an app (in Adobe AIR at the moment) for triming videos from the Camera Roll. The trim is working on Objective-C side thanks to ANE because AS3 (used for UI stuff only) doesn’t provide efficient way to record video on mobile. And I’m thinking to go deeper with filters, override background music, text on keyframe etc. Since the trim is on Objective-C, it means that I would need to duplicate everything… so finally I should just use native!

But since cross-platform matter, I’m wondering if this is something that Fuse could achieve? I can write binding, but I don’t want to rely a lot on that part. So does Fuse provide any efficient way to record custom video compared to AIR?


Fuse does not provide a crossplatform API for video recording and editing yet and it will probably be a long time before we get time to implement it ourselves.

But if you need to implement the video editing code in objc or java anyways with Adobe AIR I think you can benifit from fuse since interop with ObjC/Java/C/C++ is really nice to write in fuse.