Audio and Video recording

I have request for application using recording of Video and Audio features. I was on forum for more then month and still could not find workable solution using FUSE PRO to render and save Video and Audio file. There was some examples but I was not able to render it and see recording happening. I have found CameraView and Camera Picture example (that works well) but no Audio or video example even though Video should be part of Pro version. So I have doubts:

  1. Can we using Fuse and build an application that can record and send Audio and Video file?
  2. Is there any example that proves that such functionality is possible using Fuse?

Since my project depends on this functionality as well as decision what platform to use in order to deliver application I had to post these questions even if they are not really bugs (maybe these features are impossible to have using Fuse).
Thank you all in advance for helping me solve my dilemma.

So what I am looking for is something logically would be like:

var camera = require('FuseJS/Camera');
    //Do things with Video here
}).catch(function(error) {
    //Something went wrong, see error for details

var camera = require('FuseJS/Camera');
    //Do things with AudioFile here
}).catch(function(error) {
    //Something went wrong, see error for details

Hi boban,

straight to the point: CameraView can record video:

There is no example for this yet though, and we are in fact working on one as we speak. I expect to have something to look at very very soon, and I’ll ping you with a link here when we get there.

Thank you Uldis for quick reply. I have seen documentation already. That is the reason why I need help. Documentation does not provide what method to call to get video capturing. It says “Video capture works similarly to taking a picture”.You must tell the camera to start recording …" What is the method to call video capturing or to tell camera to start recording and stopping it? For an example if code below is for taking picture what would be for taking video:

cameraPanel.takePicture(function(err, image){

Yes, that is sadly a problem in the documentation.

The docs will get updated as soon as the usage example is completed (which, as I noted, will happen very soon), but in the meantime, here’s details on how to make it work. Specifically, there’s three things that you’re interested in: IsCurrentlyRecording, startVideo and endVideo.

IsCurrentlyRecording is an Observable string that indicates if a video is currently being recorded and it can hold the values Recording or NotRecording. startVideo is a function that you use to start recording. endVideo is a function that you use to stop recording and receive the result.

Provided you have correctly require()d the library and started a recording by using startVideo(), this is how your endVideo implementation could look like:

function stopRecording() {
    cameraView.endVideo(function(err, path) {
        if (err) {
            console.log('Failed to record a video!' + err);
        console.log('Saved a video to ' + path);
        // do something with: path

Sorry for the trouble, hope this helps. I’ll still ping you with a link when we have a full example out.

You are ma’ man! Thank you this will help community building more (maybe documentation update would be useful for those who don’t track this post ;). I believe this will make me busy in next two days!

Keep us posted ,

Hi again,

a very early prototype of the example is now pending a review, and further changes to it are expected. Use at your own risk, but you can take a look at the code and follow the state of the example in this pull request.

Uldis, I know is not reviewed yet but thought of sharing with you my findings:

  1. iOS has audio issue while recording video (iPhone 6,7 used for test real device).
    Video is recorder but audio is missing.

  2. Android works fine while recording Video.

  3. Audio example is missing for both Android and iOS.

Huge thanks for testing! I’ll follow up as soon as I have some news.